I’m a programmer and hardware designer!

Since way back in 1982 when I first wrote a port of space invaders for the ORIC-1 in BASIC with embedded 6502 machine code for the graphics scrolling I’ve been interested and active in software and hardware.

Much of my early working career was in the electronic security and fire detection industry, having worked for the likes of Honeywell, Tyco & ADT. I have had plenty of experience across the board including IP CCTV.

Whilst my career choices were always in technology, I only started professionally programming in 1998 mainly putting together websites and working with design companies as part of the .com boom.

I progressed onto creating web delivered applications starting with a service management system in 1998 for a South London company who repaired personal organisers. This lead on to a decade of writing various solutions mainly for small local businesses. The principle of delivering application via a web browser has held me in good stead and continues to do so.

These days, much of my time is spent on the continued development of the SMC Gateway which is sold under license by SMC Ltd.