Application :: psiMind - Mind Mapping for the Psion range of organisers

Now at version 1.12gpl (05/12/02) - a Semi-Graphical Mind Mapping program for the Psion 5/5mx/7/netBook that’s released under GPL!


Revo (no spell checker) Series 5/5mx/7/netBook OPL Source Code (use nOPLPlus)
Zipped Zipped Zipped

psiMind is licenced under the GPL and therefore costs nothing to register/use. All I ask is that you drop me a line to let me know what you think - good or bad!

Legal Notice: “Mind MappingĀ® is the registered trademark of the Buzan Organisation and used with enthusiastic permission.”

What users say:

Just to let you know I was in a very important meeting yesterday (the Official Secrets Act forbids me from saying any more :-)) and thanks to PsiMind I was able to translate all our whiteboard scribblings into an electronic document and distribute it among the attendees within half an hour of the meeting ending. Harry Payne

I would like to say THANK YOU for your great program “psiMind”! The app runs perfectly on my 5 mx pro and allows me a fast and smooth handling of my thoughts and plans. Superb! :-) Andreas Thaler

Thanks for the great app, psiMind I mean! I’m a quite experienced Psion Revo user and somewhat software engineering enthusiast, and I must say PsiMind’s feature set is very elegant! It does just what is needed, no more. I like that a lot, psiMind has got into my RevoPlus to stay. It’ll even stay if I ever need to fall back to my Revo 8MB! Hannu Luomanen

Kevin, a brief line to say thanks for the freeware. I read a review in Palmtop magazine and wanted to try it. The file was so small (download so fast) that I actually thought there was a mistake and this wasn’t fully-functioning freeware! Jules P Attard

I’m a real novice and this is the first thing I have ever downloaded and installed. It went fine and I got the hang of it within minutes. I have now set up a map of my own for a forthcoming trek in Iceland. I’ve never even used mindmaps before having always been a lists person but with the ease of this I think I’ll be converted. Angela Alexander

It’s very intuitive… nice one! Neil Martin

This is a very nice bit of software - I’ve been using it to plan a forthcoming holiday and I’ll show it off at work - they mostly have Palms there. Heh, Heh. Christopher Lawley

I’ve been playing around a bit more with the software on my RevoPlus, and I must say it has the capability to completely revolutionise the way I use my Revo. Alan Simkins

Screen Shots

Here’s a sample mind map…

There’s built-in printer support (text only at the moment)…

Each item can be linked to one other file on your psion…

There’s an export to text feature with various styles to choose from…