Land Mobile: Remote alarms boost safety and sales

Land Mobile has run an article explaining the benefits of remote alarm monitoring using two-way radios featuring the SMC Gateway and a few quotes from me!

Kevin Golding, applications manager at South Midlands Communications (SMC), observes that the majority of jobs involve fire alarms because they are about life safety. The more sophisticated alerts send notifications not just that an alarm has been triggered, but the exact location and, where appropriate, what piece of equipment it relates to.

“Then you need to consider who to send the alert to once the alarm has been activated,” says Golding. “You can send a group message to all the radios, which is fine, but the trouble is you don’t know who has seen it and whether anyone is reacting.”

The advantage of (text-enabled) radios is, of course, that they provide two-way communications, so personnel are able to text back to say they have got the message. “More importantly, if no-one texts back within a set period of time, you can escalate the alert by sending more text or audio messages to radios, texts to mobile phones and emails to phones and PCs, or you can even fire off a siren,” says Golding.

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